In thinking about the "broke"-ness of the blog, another possibility occurred to me: namely, the broken state of most of my knitting.  I think I have an issue with completion, as if the finished project can never be as perfect as I think the yarn deserves.  I have gotten half way through countless sweaters only to find an imperfection or better pattern; I rip everything out and start over. 

For instance:


the raglan decreases are slightly off in one row.  A row at the very beginning of said decreases, of course.  <sigh>  I will have to do a bit of frogging.  And remember not to knit while carrying on a conversation.  Especially if I have to count.

The foiled raglan is on the lovely Matador bolero from the latest issue of KnitScene; and yes, it is knit in the Most Beautiful Yarn in the World.



So close to completed (only the neckband to go) and yet, so very far away.  Ugh. 

The yarn is still gorgeous, though, which is why I feel the frogging must be done.  This is yarn that demands justice be done to it.  This is yarn that requires a finished garment as lovely and as perfect as itself. 

I found it at Northampton Wools
and simply could not resist it’s multi-colored splendor.  It was, of course, out of my price range, but, then again, so much is that it seems silly to insist on the point.  It’s 100% wool and very, very soft to the touch.  I don’t know how it would work close to the skin, but as a mini-sweater, I think it will do wonderfully.

While in New England I also picked up some lovely hand-painted yarn at the Green Mountain Spinnery.  It too is lovely beyond measure and is destined for my very first pair of socks.


I also picked up some of the spinnery’s Mountain Mohair (in spice) for a future project.  Perhaps a wrap sweater. 

Not at all frugal, but wonderful yarn nonetheless.