So this sock business is pretty fun.  I turned the heel on the "class sock" last night and, I have to say, the feeling of accomplishment that goes along with a successful turn is out of all proportion to its actual difficulty.  Here’s the mini-sock monster:

I’m really quite pleased with the whole process; no wonder people knit so many socks and enjoy it so much.  I have to admit that this phenomenon of the many-socks always kind of baffled me.  38 pairs?!  How could one knit so many socks?  Now I get it …

And, even better, I’ve found a use for all of that Patons yarn I bought a while back.  It’s not sock yarn, but it seems quite workable on #2 needles.

I’m still waiting for Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles

What is that behind the sock monster?
Oh yes, it is another cup of coffee …

but just one.  I even used the small pot to avoid possible multipile-cup mishaps.  And I’m going to eat something.  It really was just the comibination of empty stomach + 3 cups of coffee + heat + exams anxiety + LYS time-wasting that caused the problems.  I’m sure of it. 

You don’t want to know about the book.  Trust me.  It’s called Discourse Networks 1800 / 1900.  That should be enough.