So just when I was feeling spiffy about sending my sister the Mountain Mohair in day lilly and coral bell (she crochets) for her birthday, what should arrive in the mail?  Dsc00112
That’s right.  My bi-costal stash from home.  A whole box of yarn.  Filled with a lot of Lion Brand crappola that I bought at Michael’s for no good reason — except for that it was near the Starbuck’s where I did all of my "academic" work. 

It also included some photo-worthy goodies:

The Rowan yorkshire tweed chunky in damp.  I bought it to go along with the "flaming" color in some kind of unholy sweater striping extravaganza … but now I think it would be nice on its own.  In what incarnation I haven’t decided.

The bane of my existence: the wrap sweater with eyelets from Rebecca #29 in ggh soft kid (some kind of lilac color).  I have knit and re-knit and frogged and re-knit and started over countless times, yet the eyelet pattern refuses to come out correctly.  Perhaps I can’t count.  Anyway, I’ve promised the sweater to my sister and I will not give up.

I’ve cast on again and gotten through the first 4 rows of the pattern without disaster.  Only 15 more to go.  And is it just me and my inexperience or are Rebecca patterns unnecessarily obscure?   

I don’t have the strength to discuss the work I’m actually supposed to be doing.  This knitting stuff has taken it out of me.