Don’t I feel clever …

Dsc00118 yep, it’s Kool-Aid dyed yarn.  So much fun!  I didn’t think it would work, that I would rinse the yarn and watch the color slide down the drain, but so far the color is holding.  Amazing what 6 minutes in the microwave will do.  Did I mention how much fun it was?

I used 2 balls of Patons merino in natural; since I don’t have a nifty skein doodad (what’s it called?) I just used a piece of cardboard.  Kind of messy, but it worked.  Then I carefully selected my Kool-Aid colors (provided by Wegman’s 8/$2.00).

Arctic Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, and Grape.  I just followed the knitty instructions … voila!  Almost instant candy colors.

My mini-porch has never been put to better use.  Here’s skein #2:

I’ll admit I didn’t do a great job getting the yarn fully coated; there are some "natural" spots, especially at the top where I tied my "skeins".  And the grape got a bit out of hand — I wanted more green.  But it was still great fun. 

And in other news: my first non-twisted stitch project has been begun.  It’s the Halfobi pattern at chiagu.com in Noro Kureyon.

This is the right arm and the very first few rows of the body.  So far, not twisted.  The stitches really do look much nicer.  And I feel so proud every time I look down and see my finger wrapping counterclockwise.