Yep, I’ve gotten some knitting done.  Nothing fancy, just plain ol’ stockinette — which, of course, is rather exciting for me now that I’ve learned how to knit correctly — with some very lovely (i.e., non-funky) 3 x 3 ribbing.  Mr. Halfobi is around 1/2 done, I’d guess.  I’m working on the back section now — I really like how the Noro is striping. 

The knitting itself is pretty mindless, but to tell the truth, I’m liking that aspect of the project right now.  I’m not at all excited about my reading, but since I can knit this as I read, it gives me a reason to stick with whatever book happens to be in front of me.  Progress on the knitting, progress on the reading — everyone is happy.  Especially me. 

It’s just so relaxing to keep the fingers busy while your mind is engaged elsewhere.  Sometimes I feel like I spend my whole day thinking about … whatever.  And worrying about everything.  So a project that demands nothing more than a small set of memorized physical movements is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  I just meditate. 

I understand what the Yarn Harlot is saying, though.  Sometimes you do want a challenging, interesting pattern that makes you sit up and pay attention to what’s going on down there with the needles and the yarn and everything.  Right now, I think the specials exam and fellowships and project proposals and C.V.s are just about all the challenges I can take.

Not to mention the up-coming semester.  In which I will be teaching third-semester German.  Wow.  The lovely L. (coolest person in the world, or at least the German Department) gave me all of the materials — folders and folders and files upon files of materials.  For that, I’m going to make her a pair of socks.  And someone of her coolness definitely requires truly groovy sock yarn.  Hence:

I really like this yarn — so colorful and stripy.  La L. prefers knee socks — or so I hear — but I don’t have enough yarn for that.  So I’m thinking simple ribbed socks, calf-length or so.  The yarn is so bright and busy on its own that any kind of pattern might be too overwhelming.  And I don’t have that much yarn. 

(Beware the lurking coffee monster.)

On a completely unrelated note: Berroco!  How have I not known about this wonderful, wonderful stuff?!  Probably has something to do with this.  And this.  But no matter.  That is all forgotten.  Wonderful free patterns!  Yummy yarns!  And did I mention the free patterns?  I know Norah Gaughan is some kind of head honcho over there, so it makes sense that their stuff is lovely … I’d just never given the matter the attention it so obviously deserves.  Problem solved.  Injustice rectified.  Prejudice erased.  I’ve got so many patterns I don’t know what to do with myself. 

I also bought a load of cotton for my mom, she who cannot tolerate wool.  Esprit for socks (plain and print) and Sonata for some cardigans (plain and print).  She mentioned that it’s difficult to find non-wooly sweaters, so I made it my mission to help her out.  Berroco had some great stuff that looks to be my mom’s style; e.g., Pamela, March Basic, and Hibito.  Nice simple sweaters.  We’ll see what actually gets done.