Lady Stash-a-lot

Yay!  I finished my first "garment" of the sweater type last night.  Behold, the Matador bolero from KnitScene:

Dsc00100 I was so hypnotized by the beautiful Naturwolle (#3 Kunterbunt) that I couldn’t be bothered to knit a swatch; I just went for it, knitting a slightly larger size to be on the safe side.   I don’t usually wear stuff like this, but it’s so lovely … a dream to knit, always a new color to look forward to.  Perhaps a full sweater or cardigan is in the future …

Anyway, I’m quite excited about my first FO in quite a while.  As you might have noticed, I have trouble 1) committing to a pattern  2) starting once committed (before changing my mind once again), and 3) finishing the pattern once I’m started.  I guess I get easily distracted by every new pattern that comes my way; it doesn’t help that I love the instant gratification — which isn’t always forthcoming in knitting (or graduate school).  Kind of makes you wonder why I do either.  I like knitting — the process at least, if not pattern selection and commitment — but grad school … not so sure.

So, I’m back at step 1: I just can’t decide what to start next.

Speaking of which, I am in stash overload:

6 skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair in spice.  It should be enough for a mini-sweater.  I hope.

more Mountain Mohair: 2 skeins day lilly, 1 coral bell for socks.

2 skeins Spinnery hand-paint.  Socks.

more sock yarn.  Yes, I know, I’ve not yet completed a real pair of socks.

Rowan biggy print: 2 skeins each of tickle (hot pink) and joker (multi), destined for Kim Hargreaves’ Huddle scarf from The Next Big Thing book.

3 skeins Araucania Nature Wool in variegated greens.  Clapotis?

6 skeins Noro Kureyon (color #88): bolero / cropped cardigan / shrug?

more Rowan, this time handknit cotton: 12 skeins chime, 1 skein gooseberry for the Jenny cardigan by Sarah Dallas in Rowan 37.  Top-down sweater plans (i.e. bad penny) have been discontinued.

Rowan yet again: unknown quantity of yorkshire tweed chunky in damp (not pictured), flaming, pecan, and olive oil.  Apparently discontinued.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with this stuff. 

We won’t go in to the Michael’s yarn: Lion Brand wool-ease, Patons wool, etc.  Or the books I’m supposed to be reading.  Or the number of times I had to re-edit this post to get the pictures in the right places.  (That can’t be right, I just don’t know what I’m doing.)

What’s wrong with me!?  No wonder I don’t have any money.  Looking at it like this — not to mention photographing it all — has made me realize that my yarn buying is a bit out of control.  The problem is, I get worried about work, fantasize about how lovely and wonderful and stress-free my life would be if only I could wear [place new pattern name here].  I immediately fixate, rush out and buy almost enough yarn (I don’t want to spend too much, you see), and then do nothing with it.  Because I have too much real work to really be able to sit around all day and knit.  But since I’m worrying about how much I’ve spent and how I won’t have time to actually get around to knitting it until 2010, I don’t get any work done either.  A vicious, expensive cycle.

No more!  I am cut off.  No more books, patterns, magazines — and especially, no more yarn until what I have is gone, gone, gone. 

And specials are over.  I *do* want my masters, after all. 

I think.


so, so hot

Yep.  It’s hot here on the east coast.  I’m not from here — I just study here — so I’m not used to these awful humid summers.  But, let’s face it, the weather is the least of my worries.  What else is grad school for, but to give you that thing that’s "always something worse"? 

The worst part of it is, I like the stuff I’m reading.  I do.  It’s just attaching a test to the whole business of reading and thinking that gets me down.  And makes me crazy.  I just can’t sit down and concentrate like those other people diligently sitting in the library … I can’t even get up in the morning.  To do what?  Read some more books?  It’s not enough somehow. 

Which is why I started a quick, easy, sure-to-please, and fun-to-knit no-brainer of a project:

The yarn is so chunky!  The needles are humongous!  I did this much in no time at all … talk about instant gratification.  The bright pink is cheering, as well. 

Close up you can see the lovely open texture (just knitting!) and the ridiculous chunkiness of the work-in-progress.  This really made my evening.  Too bad biggy print is something like $16 a ball.  Not much a girl on a budget can do with that.  But a scarf will be good come winter. 

And in other news: my class sock!

It is now stuffed and ready for its next life as a cat toy.  I think it turned out okay, despite the mistakes — I mean, it looks like a sock, which is a good step.  I also got Cat Bordhi’s book yesterday and am itching to try the two circulars method; I just didn’t have it in me this evening to attempt anything so complex as casting on more than 10 stitches.