something complicated

I have an itching for a challenge.  Something complex: cables, counting, patterns, shaping … something of a challenge.  I really like the mindless stockinette I’ve been doing for Halfobi, it’s been just the ticket for 1) calming me the &*(^ down; 2) keeping my hands busy while I read and forcing me to sit down long enough to get anything done without freaking out; 3) practicing the knit stitch.  All very good — and very necessary — things.  But the Halfobi is rapidly approaching completion (or phase 2: seaming) and I’m starting to consider other projects.  I swatched the sonata last night:

But I think this will be something rather more simple than I’m looking for at the moment because of the variegated yarn.  It’s busy enough as is.  (Not as ugly as I originally thought, either.)

Perhaps the Yarn Harlot has got to me with all of her complex gansey and shawl talk.  Perhaps inspiration will come soon.