coffee please

So. Much. To. Do.  Argh. 

I survived the first day of classes (no need for cat furniture in the end) — with 20 students, twice the acceptable number, none of whom recognized me as the teacher, but assumed I was another freshman aimlessly wandering about looking for the right room, and not enough chairs or photocopies — only to find myself confronted with the horrible reality that I have much too much to do in too little time (obviously).

It doesn’t seem like much on paper … but, take my word for it, writing a fellowship proposal and special topic questions, and finalizing a reading list do take time.  And remember the 20 students?  Who will be turning in short descriptions of Otto Dix’s "Metropolis" on Monday, as well as expecting some kind of "lesson plan" or "classroom activities" so they can "learn".  Whatever.

But look, presents!

From the best crocheting sister in the world.  I like the potholders so much I’m afraid to use them, which kind of defeats the purpose.  Dsc00202The scarf is great, too.  I really like the colors … and the shiny soy (apparently it’s a soy / wool blend of some kind).

Despite everything, I’ve even managed a little knitting.  No mention of seaming, you’ll notice, but I’ll get that done some day when I have a bit more time and energy to devote to (for me) relatively finicky stitching.  Anyway, I’ve started the easy V-neck raglan from glampyre using the Rowan flaming (pain in my arse):

So far, so good.  No catastrophes … I even joined the fronts successfully and am now blissfully knitting in the round. 


One thought on “coffee please

  1. Wow, that scarf is beautiful! Your sister crocheted that? Do you know if she used a pattern or made it herself?

    Glad to see the cat furntiture wasn’t necessary. But a good idea to keep in the back of your mind just in case they start to get lazy in the middle of the semester 😉

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