it’s not easy …

So I’m still kind of in hyperventilation mode with all of this work that needs to be done:
especially for my humungous class of intermediate German-learners, not to mention the other stuff I’m supposed to be doing … the reading and writing about, um, you know, that thing I do [if you happen to have dissertation suggestions, please let me know].

And somehow it’s already time for Zimmermania to start.  Tomorrow.  I just realized that don’t know what I’m going to knit; this is my first knitalong and I don’t want to mess it up with a tardy start.  So I went to the stash:

Remember this stuff?  It’s still gorgeous and springy and lofty — and all that I have on hand in sufficient quantities — not to mention colorful.  I really wanted to do something a bit more complex, like the fair isle yoke sweater (or cardigan) from Knitting Around.  Given my current work — and stress — load, such an ambitious project seems neither advisable nor feasible.  Instead, I think I’ll go for a simple seamless raglan sweater.  Baby steps.  Small goals.

Speaking of baby steps, the easy v-neck raglan is coming along, albeit slowly:

I’ve finished the raglan increases, separated the sleeves from the body, and am now just knitting the body section.  I like my clothes big, so the raglan increases seemed to go on forever, but now I’ve reached ultimate reading knitting nirvana and can just knit for inches and inches.  The weather is starting to turn cool, too … good incentive to keep going.