an almost finished …

… sweater!  Yay! 


This is the easy v-neck raglan over at the fabulous glampyre — my first real sweater.  I had to fudge a bit and increase two stitches in the body to get the ribbing to come out evenly.  Always forget to calculate something.  But no matter how I tried, 158 stitches was not divisible by 4.  Or any other number convenient for ribbing; just to be difficult I wasn’t digging the 1×1 option.

My knitting binge was fueled by bad British television (Netflix!) and a burning desire not to think about work.  If it weren’t already 2 a.m. I’d try to finish the body section — only the ribbing left to do.  I’m mighty tempted, but I do have to be functional tomorrow to rewrite the dreaded grant proposal of much failure and low self-esteem.

No real progress to report on the Zimmermania sweater; I’ve decided to wait until I’m finished with the flaming v-neck.