Ful-on done

So I turned in my first fellowship application today and am feeling pretty great.  One more thing off the list of stress-inducing-activities! 

On to the knitting.  The knitting has been sorely neglected in the last couple of weeks — as has my housekeeping and general fashion consciousness (of which I have precious little to begin with).  But there is miniscule progress to report.


A completed easy v-neck body and the beginnings of the first arm!  Really quite fun on stubby little circular needles.  Unfortunately, the project isn’t portable at all … so it doesn’t get to travel.  Not that I have that many opportunities to knit on campus … I imagine my students would take it amiss if I wipped out the needles and went to town while they did some more or less dismal group work.

The Zimmermania project is stalled at "barely started."  My whole one-project-at-a-time fetish is slowing down the knitting there; I really thought I’d be done with Mr. V-Neck in no time.  Ha.  Here’s my pathetic "progress":

It’s more of a headband than anything.  But it’s super soft thanks to the Debbie Bliss merino chunky.

Oooh, I got goodies in the mail too.  Because obviously two projects aren’t enough. 

I’m almost certain this was a stress purchase, pure and simple.  It’s intended for a cardigan for la madre, she who cannot bear wool.  A lovely cotton / acrylic blend that’s super soft and relatively light.  The color is a nice sage green — not as gray as the picture makes it seem. 

Here’s what I have in mind:

If it gets finished, it would be a nice Christmans present.  We’ll see. 

Perhaps Mother’s Day?