what to do?

So I did a lot of knitting yesterday while watching baseball with Mr. B.  His team won; all is well.  Except, perhaps, with my knitting.  Yep, the easy v-neck raglan is turning mutinous.  It’s my fault, really.  I got impatient with the ribbing around the body and quit a bit early, even though I wanted a nice wide band of 2 x 2 ribbing around the bottom.  I was just so excited to almost have a sweater … and I didn’t want a really long sweater since I knew it was already w – i – d – e.  And I was basing my measurements not so much on the pattern as on one of my very favorite sweaters.  So this one is a bit short, not bad, just a tiny bit shorter than I might have wanted in an ideal world.  But okay.  Just a little short.  The gauge gods were obviously against me, though, because my sleeves have to be much wider than suggested in the pattern — okay, a lot wider — as row gauge turned out to be important.  Okay.  Wide sleeves, a bit short.  I can deal.  It’s my first sweater.  Flaming pain in my arse, indeed. 

Doesn’t it look innocent?  Nope.  A cobra coiled to strike.

But I kept on knitting.  It was a slow game and I certainly didn’t want to correct any tests.  So here I am at the cuff ribbing.  And things are a bit funky.  Not as funky as the ribbing that led to my twisted stitches discovery, but decidedly amateurish. 

I thought about ripping back and re-knitting the cuff and hem ribbing, but I just don’t know if I’m up for that.  I thought perhaps switching to a smaller needle would help, but I don’t want the ribbing to hug too much, if that makes sense.  I think I’ll end up just keeping it as is; a monument to my growing pains or some such. 

According to Montse Stanley’s ginormous Knitter’s Handbook [wonderful!] — which I bought today in hopes of finding a solution to my ugly ribbing — it’s a problem of control.  And I have noticed that I stretch the yarn too much when switching from knit to purl.

[Speaking of knitting books, where did all of the new ones come from?!  I placed a mammoth order this afternoon … so much fun stuff to look at.]

I think I’m just going to let the sweater alone for a day or two, maybe start something quick and simple, and think out what I want to do.  It’s probably just exam-paranoia talking.