Look what I’ve been hiding …

Well, not really hiding, just working on quietly.  It’s a perfect in-between project; or watching tv project; or just a few minutes of relaxation project.  The mistake rib gives it a great squishy texture … and the angora makes it so soft and fuzzy — it’s like knitting a bunny.

The Noro Kochoran, you might remember, started life as a basket weave scarf, but the texture just wasn’t right.  I’m glad I kept fiddling until I found Mr. Right.   Now that the weather has turned cool, I can’t wait to finish up and wear it.  I’m contemplating matching glovelettes. 

Speaking of cooler weather, I’ve been wearing this quite a bit:

My very first scarf.  The yarn shop lady talked me into some very expensive Debbie Bliss cashmerino chunky (I didn’t know any better, I hadn’t yet discovered Lion Brand), which I quickly riddled with improbable mistakes.  It’s got a bunch of strange holes and twisted stitches and messy edges and was knit in stockinette, but, you know, I still like it a lot.  Not only is it soft and warm … it’s a nice reminder that it doesn’t really matter how many mistakes you make if the final product works for you.  I like that it looks handmade by a beginner — exactly what I was.  I thought about frogging it and making something else, but I think I’ll keep it.  With The Big Exam coming up, it’s nice to have a reminder that sometimes just doing something imperfect is okay.


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