guess what?

I’m done!  No more exams … ever!

I did the ritual clearing of the books this morning.  Look what I’ll be taking back to the library:

Dsc00297In stages.  I don’t know if this many books will even fit in my car.  I certainly know that I can’t carry them all at once.

And this isn’t even counting the ones still on campus.

Or the ones I actually bought.

So now that all this test business is done, I finally have time to concentrate on what’s really important in life.

First off:


the smelling of the congratulatory roses.

To be followed by some quality time with my new knitting books, bought in aDsc00303_1
fit of pre-exam stress and hysteria.  They are quite wonderful, though.  Yarnplay, especially, has lots of great colors and ideas … I’m very tempted to try some stripes.  Wild, outrageous stripes.

I think Elizabeth Zimmermann would approve.

Speaking of which, I am *so* going to give her fair isle yoke sweater a try sometime.  After I deal with this:

Oh yes, Lady Stash-a-Lot has been busy.  Nothing like stress to make you think you need lots and lots of yarn.  To be fair, or at least to rationalize a bit, a lot of this was 1) cheap and 2) for Christmas gifts or 3) made me feel really good and carefree.

So this is my next project.  Christmas stash reduction.  I’ve never finished a sweater; yet, I’m thinking thoughts of sweaters (improbably) presented as gifts to various family members. 

Or a lot of IOUs.