What a great surprise … fall back day!  Not that that has anything to do with knitting — except providing one an extra hour with which to do it.  And things have been busy here chez furball. 

Look!  A finished scarf … a really, really long; very, very fuzzy scarf:

The Noro Kochoran is really a dream.  The angora makes it so nice and furry.  And my inability to stop knitting until all the yarn is gone makes it very, very long.

Perfect for the fall.  And happiness in general. 

The mistake rib stitch is my new favorite — it makes such a squooshy, stretchy fabric, perfect for warm scarves.

As you can see:


Both scarves are based on the Tami ribbed scarf in Yarnplay; this one using the recommended Filatura di Crosa 127 Print.  The yarn is quite nice and I like the turquoise color quite a bit; more importantly, I think the recipient will like the turquoise. 

Yes, this scarf marks the official beginning of Christmas gift knitting.  I am no where near as prolific in this endeavor as, say, Carolyn (how does she knit so much?!), but a person’s got to start somewhere.  This friend is quite picky, so I hope she likes the finished product.

Last year I restricted myself to family-only gifts; much less pressure.  I’d really like my friends to actually want to wear the stuff I make for them, not just tell me how "interesting" my knitting is.  You know.  And then throw it into a deep, dark corner of the closet, never to be seen again.

Which is why I’m hoping this cardigan isn’t going to go belly-up on me:

It’s for my mom, but still.  I’d like to think she’ll wear it even when I’m not around.  The yarn (Online Ravenna) — a great deal at elann.com — is knitting up very nicely.  It’s a cotton / acrylic blend; I was skeptical, but it has a nice feel: very soft and lofty.

But that only scratches the surface of plans.  The rest is still just in the dream-phase.  I doubt the half of it will get done.  But since it’s fall break week (no teaching!) I might be able to make a dent in my plans.  If all of that work doesn’t interfere.