oh my.

I think my knitting is starting to stress me out.  You know how I claimed to be *so* monogamous, knitting only one project at a time, faithful to my yarn until the very end.  Yeah.  Well, I think I was lying.  Or dreaming.  Or something.  Because it’s certainly not true.


It’s not like I meant for this to happen.  But somehow I have three projects going and yarn for many, many more.  I just bought the lovely Blue Skies alpaca and the Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran.  The aran-weight is intended for an EZ ganomy hat.  The GGH soft kid is for the much-hated, much-frogged eyelet sweater from Rebecca.  I will not be defeated by mohair.  The back of la madre’s cardigan is peaking out from under all that wool and alpaca.  The Tami scarf is stalled at a ball-and-a-half length.

And guess what arrived as I was typing?  Yup.  More yarn.  Really beautiful yarn.

Dsc00341 From Yarn Botanika, the Element scarf kit at the Garter Belt.  Pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.  Who knows when I’ll actually get around to knitting said scarf.  Oh well.

And break is almost over.  I had such grandiose plans.  I would get up, get busy, get stuff done.  Nope.  Vacation is too much to resist.  But still.  I’ve got to get busy.  Midterm grades are calling … as is my own set of deadlines.  Yuck.  Yarn.  I will concentrate on the yarn.  Beautiful, lovely, happy yarn.


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