qué será, será

Things have been a little slow around here lately.  Actually, it’s been a completely awful week, for my self-confidence, anyway.  The discussion of the Big Exam was quite a bit worse than the exam itself; the conversations were often puncuated by the words: "Maybe you should think about if grad school is right for you." or "You need to consider if this profession is right for you."  Um.  So I spent a good portion of the time feeling like … well, you can guess. 

I’ve also forgotten how to speak German, rather disheartening, since I’m supposed to be teaching the language.  As a part of my professional training, which is, apparently, not taking.

All of this should have lead to lots of therapeutic knitting.  Nope.  The stress has just messed up my back so terribly that I often can’t stand up in the morning.  Picking up the needles doesn’t, somehow, seem like the best of ideas most days. 

Despite these self-pitying setbacks, I have gotten a bit accomplished.  Knitting-wise, that is. 


The softest cotton ever.  From Blue Sky Alpacas.  I picked up four colors: Thistle, Graphite, Cumin, and Expresso.  Two more are on their way: Aloe and Indigo.

All of this fleecy wonderful-ness is in the service of scarves for my parents: la madre’s is started (Thistle, Graphie, Aloe) using the Element scarf pattern from The Garter Belt.  I’ve modified it a bit — casting on only 33 stitches (two pattern repeats) instead of the suggested 49 — because it seemed the scarf might be too wide otherwise.  I want to try some kind of Fibonacci stripe sequence, but I might have already messed that up with the first installment of Graphite.  I haven’t yet been able to face up to counting the first rows.

I’m not yet sure what I’ll be doing for my dad (Cumin, Expresso, Indigo), but I’m thinking along the lines of the Sidetracked scarf in Yarnplay (what a great book!).

I’ve also started the left front of la madre’s Yarn Girls’ basic Dsc00373

Okay, not much to show, but it’s coming along.  I’ve also got an urge to again attempt the Bane of My Existence.  Yep, the eyelet wrap sweater from Rebecca #29.  I will not be defeated by mohair.  It’s become a point of pride.

But I’m restraining myself until this one is completed.  One project at a time, remember fidelity.  And sanity.

This, for instance, is what happens when I’ve got too many projects going at once:

The ill-fated seed stitch scarf in lovely, lofty Blue Sky bulky … so sad.  It just wasn’t right somehow.  And I figured I’d spent way too much on the yarn to have on a so-so FO at the end of it all.  So we will begin anew.  It also doesn’t help that it’s decided to be summer instead of fall around here.  Who wants alpaca draped around one’s neck when the sun is shining?