Ah, the delicious marionberry.  That’s what my new scarf reminds me of … yummy jam, a delightful shade of deep, dark purple.  Ooooh. 

My latest FO (and stash-buster!):

It’s really just a plain seed stitch scarf in Debbie Bliss cashmerino superchunky: 2 balls lilac, 1 purple.

I made the decision to frog my very first scarf (and very first FO ever) and put the yarn to use with the lilac (picked up on sale).  The lilac alone didn’t really do it for me, but the purple gave it a bit of extra not-so-girlie zing that made me feel I might be able to pull it off.  Because at a 25% discount I obviously couldn’t say no, whatever the color. 

And I won’t even start about how much I love the cashmerino superchunky.  I would knit sheets out of this stuff if I could afford it.  But alas I must make do. 

This scarf will definitely be what gets me through teaching tomorrow.  Vocab quiz day!  Yay!

Everything else about school still pretty much sucks the life out of me right now.  Which is why I distract myself with the lovely marionberry:

I was sceptical about the color-blocking, but I really like the finished product. 

The recipe couldn’t be easier:
co an even number of stitches.
seed stitch
(row 1: *K1, P1; rep. from *
row 2: *P1, K1; rep. from *)
color sequence: one ball color A – one ball color B – one ball color A.   (Or whatever strikes your fancy.)
bind off loosely.

Viola!  Marionberry!