Lots to report around here. 

First off, I learned the tubular cast-on.  Not that it’s spectacularly difficult, but it’s certainly handy for ribbing (as I’ve always heard tell).  I feel so accomplished, bringing my cast-on knowledge up to a whopping three different techniques. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of my own tubular cast-on attempts; the project has been frogged many a time attempting to get the correct size.  Ultimately, I hope to have armwarmers to match the marionberry scarf.  The recipient, though, has such tiny arms, I’m having a hard time getting the sizing.  But check out the tutorials on knitty and my fashionable life.  Very helpful and clear.

Apropos of armwarmers, a new list has appeared: my holiday knitting.  I find it rather intimidating right now; I’m not at all sure what, if any, of it will actually be completed by the holidays.  Well, perhaps Flag Day. 

But this is just one of my attempts to get organized, knitting-wise.  A trip to Shop-Rite with Mr. B this afternoon resulted in these harbingers of much organization and preservation of fine fibers:


The stash doesn’t stand a chance against my superior zipping power.  Plastic will rule the land, Lady Stash-a-lot has decreed.  But really.  It’s kind of necessary:

It’s getting a bit out of hand.  The yarn is slowly and insidiously moving out of its corner, taking over more bedroom territory. 

Not to mention how seeing all of that unused yarn stresses me out.  And makes me think of my impending bankruptcy. 

The power of sheep.  It must be mind control.  Clever sheep.