’round about 11:30

… this wasn’t looking like such a good idea anymore.


Um.  I am dumbfounded by the abundance of my yarn.  When did I get so much?  How do I still have any money for food / clothing / shelter / cat supplies?  Will I be forced to knit and felt a yurt just so I can support my (obviously out of control) habit?  Do I even have enough quarters to felt a yurt in the University laundry room?

These and many other questions were going through my mind as I surveyed the damage.  (i.e., how can I explain this to anyone?! )  But out of sight, out of mind, right? 

After only an hour, many ziploc bags, and much use and abuse of under-bed storage, look what I have to show for myself:

Dsc00406 A respectable(-seeming) stash-ette.  Only three projects on the go: la madre’s cardi (big bag); Tami scarf (blue bag); la madre’s cotton wonder scarf (German bag).  The profusion of my needle bouquet might potentially lead someone to believe that my stash is a misleading representation (I like to think of it as a selection) of my fiber fetish.  And if they were to take a gander under the bed, they would find their suspicions confirmed.  Because most of what was on the bed is now under the bed.

Look at how organized it all is:

Only the yarn for projects that I could foresee myself working on in the near future earned a place in the pretty bin.  Everything else was pursuaded into a much more utiliarian (read: ugly) container under the you-know-where.   If this actually works, it will be genius.

And now to bed, feeling — quite without justification that would hold up in the real world — that I have accomplished much and spent my time very wisely.



One thought on “’round about 11:30

  1. Looks highly productive to me! I did that once. Spent the whole afternoon organizing. Making piles of what was to be given away, bought storage containers, created a “soon-to-be-used” basket that got to sit out, and even put most current projects in a side basket next to the couch. It’s worked so far. It’s a very tedious process. Congrats to you for working through it!

    Also, I saw this bumper sticker at my LYS the other day that said “She who dies with the most yarn wins!” I think you might be in the running!


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