Things here are kind of wobbly lately.  Nothing seems to be going … well, anywhere.  My work is stalled (by anxiety and fear and failure and you know); my knitting is suffering a similar fate; my life in general just seems to have, um, quit. 

I want a challenge.  Or something.   I’m so tired of just doing the same old stuff, in the same old rut, getting the same old nothing done.  There are so many adventurous, talented knitters whom I admire and wish I could bring just a bit of the same spark to my own … everything.  In response to a comment I posted on her blog, Anna sent such a sweet message:

"… don’t be intimidated by techniques or designs – an intrepid attitude yields wonders. after
all, it’s only yarn ; )"

So I bought the Jess pattern, determined to be intrepid.  To that end, I’ve also dug out my nemesis: the wrap sweater with eyelets from Rebecca #29.

My sister recently lost her very special Mr. Dewey to old age and failing health; I decided that the least I could do is provide her with something fuzzy and soft.

This will be my "thinking" project.  All of my other holiday knitting, I’ve decided, will have to be less complicated (read: no counting) so that I can work on it while reading the oh-so-many pages that need to be read. 

And since I’m focusing mainly on scarves and stockinette stitch cardigans, I think this should work.

I’m almost done with the Tami scarf …

I was utterly defeated by the previously mentioned armwarmers, so it feels nice to be approaching completion on a project that has actually been a pleasure.  And I’m planning many more Yarnplay projects for the future …