goodbye holiday knitting …

Yep.  It is time to bid a perhaps not-so-fond farewell to the crazed dash of holiday knitting that I attempted this year.  A couple of things still need to be finished: la madre’s cardigan is missing sleeves; Em’s Noro rainbow scarf is about half-way; her sweater no even started; Uncle B’s hat … troubled.  I wasn’t even going to make him anything, but then I discovered that everyone else had something, so …

By the way, Rustic Scarf?  A big hit. 

This happens every time I come home: without my usual knitting supplies and inventory, I start going to Michael’s and picking up random yarn … most of which I don’t end up using.  I’ve been home 6 days and have 6 balls of stuff with which I’ve attempted various hats.  And all I have to say for myself is: fair isle is hard.

Looking on the bright side: armpit-of-the-world, WA (where I’m currently celebrating the holidays) does have a schmancy new LYS.  My sister bought me some some *lovely* Cherry Tree Hill potluck [edited: bulky, not worsted.  oops.] (3 skeins in brights) there.  And the prices definitely beat those to be found at my snooty society hostess east coast LYS where they actually talk about "events" hosted by them or their acquaintances using such phrases as "And then Chief Justice Scalia didn’t know where to sit."  Right.

But moving on.

No knitting pictures; I’m using my parents’ computer right now. 

Instead, here’s Sophie (poodle) and Larry (asthmatic rescue cat) — my west-coast furry lovelies.  Alice is being lavished with attention by the best cat-sitter / Golden Age Spain scholar around.


Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Best for the Winter Solstice!