you had better

… run, run, run, run, run.  Yep, I signed up for the runagogo business.  Seems like a good thing; I’ve been needing a reason — other than general health and well being — to get me up off my sorry arse and do something.  I don’t think I’ll be running, but walking should be possible. 

And I can wear this while I do it:

Isn’t it great?  My sister made it for me using a pattern from The Happy Hooker.  She’s quite the crocheter these days.  I like it a lot; ear flaps are always snazzy.

My sister also introduced me to Leslie Sansone’s ministry of in-home walking.  Embarrassing as it is, I think these will come in handy with the 100 miles.

Not that I’ll admit that to anyone if they ask.