So this has been a pretty lame blog lately, eh?  Between grading essays, worrying about my own work,  feeling that — no matter the truth — my academic life is a shambles, and trying to figure out why I don’t like knitting socks, well there just hasn’t been all that much time for the blog.  Or the knitting. 

That "100 miles by April" thing?  Also not going so well.

But enough whinging.  I have pictures!  Of FOs!

First off …


The Ganomy hat in lovely bunny-rific Kochoran (I saved the tag this time:  color #12.)  I fiddled with the top a bit because I wasn’t so in to the super-gnome point — just your basic K2tog repeats.  The hat’s really warm and the earflaps are lovely — especially now that it’s decided to be winter on the east coast.  Go figure.

But moving on.  My very first completed sweater!


It’s the easy v-neck raglan from glampyre.  (Check out the spiffy new website!)  This used up just about all of my flaming yorkshire tweed chunky … and I can’t say that I’m sorry to see it go.  The sweater is oversized and comfy — and warm.  There are a few mistakes here and there: my ribbing could look a bit more professional, the fit could be adjusted to actually, um, fit, my understanding of gauge and all of its consequences could be developed.  But I really like it.  It’s kind of amazing looking down and realizing: "Wow, I *made* this thing that didn’t exist before.  And it’s really warm."

Finally, the new project:


This is the Laura cardigan from Rowan’s Big it Up book in lovely big wool fusion.  WEBS was having a huge blowout sale on some Rowan yarns, which meant that I could actually almost afford the big wool — instead of not at all.  As expected, it’s knitting up quite quickly on size 17 (?!) needles.  The yarn is soft and light, not what I expected.  I was figuring the bulky wools would be more like the yorkshire tweed — although it is many things, airy it is not.

I’ve got another Ganomy going as a travelling project.   


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