one is the loneliest number

… which is why I now present Ganomy no. 2!


Still dewy from its spritzing.  One skein (my last!) Naturwolle (Kunterbunt #3) and extras of Brown Sheep bulky (clematis) for necessary (i.e. enough-yarn-for-hat) striping.  Very colorful and warm. 

This time around I used bar increases instead of the EZ M1 method, which I just couldn’t get to work well for me.  More practice is needed.  The first Ganomy sports "pinhole increases" (see Montse Stanley) and unfortunately, the pinholes are just what they sound like: holes.  In this wintry weather, it’s a bit breezy.  I definitely prefer the bar increases …

Aufwiedersehen Naturwolle!  I hope we meet again …