Ganomy v. 2

I did a little tinkering with Ganomy #2 — I wasn’t happy with the crown.  My decreases weren’t spaced correctly or worked in correctly or something … because the crown turned out very square and strangely pointy.  And strange looking.  So I went back to the pattern and followed it up to the end — no bobble, but a definite point.


A bit more purple Lamb’s Pride bulky was needed to complete the new and improved pointy top, but I had just enough.  In the end, this turned out to be quite the stash-busting project.  And I’m extremely pleased with the result. 

So pleased, in fact, that I started this to go with it:


This is the Blue Sky Alpacas bulky hand dyes I bought a while ago … in two colors whose names escape me.  But, as you can see, a lovely aqua and deep purple.  The cable pattern is super-simple and I think it looks quite nice.  At first I tried following the Curly pattern in Rowan’s The Next Big Thing book; I soon found, though, that the 10-stitch cable was just too much for such a bulky yarn.  Much more satisfying to work with your own made-up pattern, anyway.

The cable (6-stitch to the back) is already quite thick and bulky.  The 10-stitch cable repeat was just kind of puffy and ridiculous in this yard.  Which, by the way, is wonderful.  The colors are ever so slightly variegated and vibrant.  The aqua isn’t usually a color I would go for, but in this form it’s the best kind of pastel, in my opinion — bright and not too nursery-ish or Easter-eggy.  The purple will be a nice contrast (at least I hope it will, it’s too soon to tell with what little I have so far).  A quick and satisfying project; but what isn’t quick and satisfying on size 19 needles?  Even I don’t knit that slowly.

As the scarf will be completed without much ado (please, no more ado), I’ve got my eye on a little something in lopi.  Lopi #24 to be exact:


is my absolute favorite kind of sweater.  Nice and ribby, roomy and warm … the lopi seems a bit rough to the touch, but I’m hoping it might soften up a bit with washing and wear.  Let the swatching begin!  (And it’s knit in the round!  No seams!)