first day of school.

It’s always hard going back to school.  But the semester waits for no one.  Teaching went well — I’m always nervous for the first few days, until I get to know the students and stop feeling like such an incredible dork muttering to myself in German up in front of the class.  It doesn’t  help when someone shows up in leather pants.  At ten o’clock in the morning.  I was proudly wearing my first sweater (because it makes me happy) … but let’s be honest, wool is on a whole different level than Leather Pants.  Even if it *is* Rowan. 

Anyway.  I don’t have to think about German conjugations, conjunctions, and calamities until Wednesday.  In the meantime …

Here’s the finished bulky alpaca scarf:


Apologies for the atrocious color.  It’s dark and late.  And I take very bad photos.

The scarf is perfect for the current cold snap: warm, chunky, soft, and long.  Now if I could just whip up a pair of mittens …

My attempts to make wrist warmers with the left-over ball of aqua Blue Sky bulky were again thwarted by my apparent inability to construct tubes of knitted fabric.  Go figure.

I know I took tantalizing, lascivious Lopi pictures.  I even swatched!  And then washed and blocked said swatch!  Holy carpal tunnel, Batman!


Can you tell I don’t do this much?  Is it the pushpins that give me away?  Or the tinyness of my swatch?

But after all of that late-night work, I decided that I wanted something a little faster than Lopi + size 7 needles.  (And, really, am I a freak because I don’t think in metric sizes?)  I’m such a lazy needle size queen.  So I switched to the buttony raglan cardigan by Katie Knits (a much more talented knitter than this Katie). 


Again, it’s dark.  The color is actually quite nice, definitely *not* the regurgitated spinach pictured above.

It’s coming along well — I really like the top-down raglans and I’ve always wanted an asymmetrical cardigan.  Perfect, eh?  Except for one thing.  The pattern calls for nine balls of Debbie Bliss merino chunky.  This is the yarn I’m using, yet the the proto-cardi has already devoured 3 1/2 balls of the aforementioned chunky.  Are the needles too small for me?  Gauge wasn’t specified in the pattern, so I really don’t know.  At only 50m / 50g, nine balls isn’t a lot to work with, right?  Anyway, I’m not too worried because I stockpiled something like 20 balls of the eucalyptus (green) + another 4 balls of cyclamen (hot pink magenta).  So I’m just knitting away to all the Michael Wood public television classics Mr. B and I can get our hands on.

And speaking of how I really spend my evenings: Bringing Up Baby.  Funniest film I’ve seen in a very long time.  Keep singing!