this will hurt me …

… a lot more than it will you.  But I think it is time to bid farewell to the buttony raglan.  At least in its current incarnation on #9 needles.


The fabric is just too tight and stiff; not to mention that I’ve already used a bazillion balls of merino chunky and I don’t even have a respectable shrug out of the deal.  This was really what broke the camel’s back, though:


One, lonely forgotten increase (right side).  A mere straw, yes, but the one-too-many for this camel.  I decided that if I was going to rip back to fix the increase (because this will bother my latent obsessive tendencies) then I might as well just keep on going.  Because at this rate, I don’t think Debbie Bliss makes enough merino chunky for this sweater to ever see the light of day as a wearable object, not just a process-oriented piece of meditative knitting.  So I shall be ripping.  And beginning again on #10 1/2 needles.  Or trying my hand at something different …

Remember this lovely?


Or maybe I should just write those pesky papers ….  Did someone say dissertation proposal?