So … big things to report around here.  Well, technically, the "big things" is perhaps an exaggeration.  But things, definitely.

I finished a hat for Mr. B (I got it back for photos because it was deemed "not warm enough"):


This is the feeling fuzzy basic hat from the Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits knit up with two colors of Manos del Uruguay: brown and green (sorry for lack of specifics).  N. B. tripling the yarn as directed might be the solution to cold-head complaints.

I also re-dyed some yarn:


To end up with some lovely grape and cherry confections:


In the mean time, I had the best mail day ever:


And took the first steps towards fixing the cold-head problem:


These Malabrigo beauties (marine + sunset) are destined for the EZ very warm hat.  Which will hopefully live up to its name.  The Malabrigo is *so* dreamy soft.

And finally …


Bejeweled!  Two skeins of Manos on size 15 needles makes for a very lacy scarf indeed.  It’s so light and wonderful …

I am now developing further cunning plans.