still sick …

… but feeling better, almost like a functioning member of society.  I graded quizzes yesterday — with not major mishaps to rectify — and might take a stab at essays today.  In the coffee shop.  Yep, that means I’m considering a shower.  The final stages of the cold have been reached.  I hope.

My time on the couch hasn’t been all British mysteries and sneezing.  Nope.  I’ve got something to show for myself:


Ta-da!  The EZ very warm hat.  I somehow managed to miscount (and mis-pickup) the number of stitches on the yellow version, so some fancy footwork was necessary to get the pattern to fit, albeit with an extra pattern repeat.  The crown decreases are equally funky.  I briefly considered frogging but decided that my dad won’t notice … especially if he keeps the blue on the outside.  Thus:


I’m also attempting to fix the "cold head" problem with accents of "itchy" ascribed to the manos hat:


The extra malabrigo seems to be doing quite nicely so far; I picked up the stitches just above the ribbing then increased 16 stitches over four rounds to even out gauge issues.  My only worry is that I won’t have enough yarn … it might turn quite patchworky in there.

It’s not all knitting around here, though.  Alice found a real mouse last night; she’s been strutting around the house like the mighty huntress all day.  (Even mighty huntresses sometimes get shut in bedrooms while their keepers try to steer frightened rodents out of the house, only to watch them disappear into the recesses of the kitchen appliances.)