cadbury creme egg.

It is once again time to bid farewell to my favorite part of Easter.  Until next year, beloved Creme Egg.

I thought I’d update the as-late rather neglected blog while enjoying my scrumptious Easter feast: leftover tikka masala cunningly disguised as brunch or dinner or something.  Splendid!

I also have lots of pictures.  It’s been a stressful bit, right now: rejections right and left; future plans to … um … plan.  Needless to say, the knitting hasn’t been a number one priority.  Procrastination, on the other hand, is doing a land-office business.  I’m even procrastinating on my knitting … moving from one project to another without really finishing anything. 

A case in point:


The buttony raglan: so very close, yet so very far from completion.  I have about 40 more rows on the body and then the sleeves.  I really like it … and would like it even more if I could just get it done.  It might even still be cold out if I hurry.


This is procrastination project #1.  You might recognize the beginnings of a lizard ridge.  And you would be correct.  This is only square two; so far, I have a napkin.  I was quite intimidated by the pattern at first, but once I learned to count and figured out how to purl the wrapped stitches (avec wrap) it was smooth sailing. 

Square one:


I managed to eke out one more pattern repeat than directed and since I don’t have an unlimited Noro budget upon which to draw, I thought I might be able to save a bit of yarn by doing rectangular blocks.  We’ll see. 

And the copy cat project:


Now with 100% more homage!  Yep, I broke down (har har) and bought the required Socks that Rock colorways (i.e. Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline).  The heavyweight StR is great … I don’t know how to describe it, almost like string it’s so compact and tight.  Does that make sense?  It also kind of smells strange.  I’m hoping that will wear off with time and love and washing. 

But just look at all that pretty:


It might even get a trip to Shea … opening day tomorrow!