A couple of new buttons on the newly streamlined sidebar.  I haven’t been participating regelmäßig-like in either Project Spectrum or Knit from Your Stash, but I thought even my intermittent participation deserved a button.  I *have* been keeping both in mind a lot lately.  My yarn buying has been curbed; my colors are all over the place and lots of fun … with special honors going to the LMKG chevron scarf. 

But to truly welcome in my newly official Project Spectrum status, it’s time to finish up the big green monster: the buttony raglan.  Luckily the scarf extraordinary fits the next installment of Protrum to a T.  It’s sock yarn, right?  And Noro!  How could I forget Noro?  I feel I might be getting the spirit but not the letter of the Protrum law …

Alice the intrepid explorer of cupboards will keep me on top of it.


[p.s. My KfYS button is from gleek.net.  Saved on my own server, of course.  Her KfYS was far superior to any others I have yet to find.]

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