slog, slog, slog-a-long

As you might have guessed, I’ve discovered the slogalong.  As you might not have guessed, I am strangely beguiled and energized by the presence of an official site dedicated to all things slog. 

Is it bad that most of my projects seems to fit in the category right now?

Here’s square no. 2:


The wonderful Mr. B. mentioned that I’d have a nice scarf if I give up on the blanket idea.  Clever Mr. B.  A definite enabler of my horrified, oh-my-God-what-have-I-got-myself-into feelings about lizard ridge.  Lovely?  Yes.  Expensive?  Undoubtedly.  Completed?  Not so likely.

And the buttony keeps on coming.  This time I didn’t even take it out of the sack.


I’m on the bottom ribbing; still inches to go.  And arms.  I’m not sure the yarn is going to hold out on me.  That merino chunky knits up like nobody’s business: gone in a flash.