I’m back in New Jersey with only a bit of knitting to show for my two-and-a-half weeks in the Northwest.

First off:


Fuzzyfeet in the recommended Lamb’s Pride (color Chianti).  The socks are monstrous until felted … it’s kind of more fun that way.  As you can see, though, felting yields a reasonable size and hides my wonky toe grafting.  Actually, the Fuzzyfeet are my first completed socks; there’s not arguing that the worsted weight made them quick and painless.  I was surprised, however, at how much I liked the magic loop method.  I was worried that it would be somehow too complicated and, well, dangly like the two-circs method — a method I could never really get to work for me.  All those ends, just dangling there waiting to tangle up my yarn.  It was too much for me.  The magic loop seems much more streamlined and quick.  A good thing to learn before starting my Sockapalooza 4 socks.

My first magic loop project (and stash buster!):


A hat in rowan biggy print (color joker); the design is basically the easy rolled-edge hat from Oddball Knitting, minus the rolled-edge, plus pom-pom.  To my mind, the pom-pom really makes the hat.  (My first pom-pom, too!)  Too bad it’s way too hot to wear anything woolly …

Finally, my current personal money pit:


L-R: 156, 92, 88, 153, 95, 40

Lizard Ridge squares one to six.  A quarter of the blanket!  Most of my yarn budget!  At least it’s pretty.


For the next six squares (all my budget and storage space allow at a time) I’m concentrating on adding in more reds — this was a very blue/grean/purple batch.  The yarn should arrive any day now …