new project wishes and procrastination

I’ve got a hankering for a new project.  It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with the Lizard Ridge squares or the Fuzzyfeet; I’m enjoying both quite a bit. 


This is my emergency Noro, bought to tide me over until I managed to get my package from UPS.  Which I did today, risking life and limb on Route 1.  What a scary road.  I was almost in two accidents on a 15-minute drive to Trenton.  Anyhoo.

I managed to duplicate all but one colorway (of course).  The Noro on the left is destined for a modified carpet bag, something like this one at Between Stupid and Clever.  The hot pink colorway is still without a project …

Now I’m just waiting for more Lamb’s Pride worsted so I can go to town on yet another pair of Fuzzyfeet.  My sister’s Magenta RPMs are almost done.  (Thanks Return of the Jedi!)  I’m working up to a real pair of socks. 

What I’d really like is a new and exciting project.  I started and rejected many over the weekend but managed a super-cute, super-stash-busting neck warmer

The last of my Blue Sky Alpacas bulky hand dyes.

I might start this scarf or these wrist warmers.  What to do?

Actually, kpixie has kind of made me forget the knitting blahs.



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