Well, maybe just a little bit pr0n.  Because yarn doesn’t narrow it down much, does it?

I’m all bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed this morning thanks to the cat, but instead of heading off to the library to ring in the day among the scholarly stacks, I’ve decided to take pictures of my knitting and blog a bit.  Time management has been something I struggle with.

Firstly, another finished pair of Fuzzyfeet.  (I keep linking to the pattern because, really, you all should get some too.)


RPM Pink + Fuchsia

A trip through the washer for Mr. Jumbolarge and they’re ready to be mailed off to California.  And there to await the coming of … um … winter. 

Now I just need to get started on the pair for my Sockpal.


Chianti + Autumn Harvest

My Sockpal requested warm reds and oranges, but isn’t opposed to blues.  I hope these colors fit the bill.  Since they’re just slippers, though, the pressure was decidedly less than when selecting *the* yarn, *the* sock yarn for *the* actual socks.  I went with Lorna’s Laces, a yarn I’ve been wanting to try:


Shepherd Sock in Red Rover

I spent a lot of time thinking about the possibilities: hand-painted, self-striping, colorways, deep vs. playful, pooling.  The Lorna’s Laces is variegated more that self-striping, which I think should add to both the depth of color and interest of the pattern without risking egregious pooling problems or other self-striping mishaps.  The pattern is still up in the air: Jaywalkers are a strong contender (named by La Sockpal as a favorite) but I’m not rushing into anything.

Which is how I found time to finish another Lizard Ridge square:


nr. seven: color 188 (the non-duplicate emergency Noro)

And have moved on to number eight:


color 102 (newly-released-from-UPS-captivity Noro)

I’m quite addicted to these squares … the pattern is easily memorized, the colors mesmerizing, the gratification almost instant.

Except for keeping my Noro and Lamb’s Pride supplies topped up, I’ve been pretty good about this knit-from-your-stash business.  Which is why falling off the wagon the other day was particularly sweet.


Aurora 8 (heather color 26), Blue Sky brushed suri (early grey), Blue Sky bulky naturals (porcupine)

Each is so soft and lovely; each was bought for a specific project.  And all are obviously vital to my continued progress as a scholar.  Just look how well they coordinate with my favorite genre: academic self-help:


Don’t laugh.  One woman’s neuroses is another’s book deal.

p.s. I will not be defeated!