I have been trying to keep to the knit from your stash ethos.  It hasn’t been going too badly, really; i.e., I haven’t bought nearly as much yarn as I might have.  But recently, I’ve fallen, well, if not off the wagon altogether, then slight afoul of the wagon.  I’ve been playing dangerously close to the edge, shall we say?

I blame Victorian Lace Today.  So many lovely lace designs, some even appropriate for novice lace knitters like myself.  I was mesmerized.  Not myself at all.  I simply *had* to start something.  Hence:


Four balls of kidsilk haze in shade 606 candy girl.  Doesn’t it make your teeth hurt, just to look at it? 

I have this in mind for it:


large rectangle with center diamond pattern

Or perhaps this:


scarf or shawl with a center pattern

But two possible patterns?  Four balls of lace-weight yarn?  Obviously, I needed more yarn.  Duh.


Sundara Yarn silk laceweight hand-dyed in eggplant over spice

At a generous 1000 yards, there’s plenty of this lovely laceweight for a large version of the second pattern: scarf or shawl with a center pattern.  I will err towards the shawl. 

And a close-up of the silky loveliness.


The colors are wonderful.   One runs out of superlatives.  Superlatively superlative.

Also, I finally caved in the face of a wicked deal and bought enough R2 fuzzi felt for this project from the second R2 book:



It seemed like a nice, easy-peasy project.  But the diamond lace as so far defeated me.  I can’t seem to get the pattern to come out right: not enough stitches remain when I follow the chart.  Why?  It is a mystery.  I wonder if I’m misinterpreting the yarn-overs or some such small point.  I mean, I think I can count to three … which is really all that is required.  I gave up, but will make another attempt.

I went for a slightly less understated color than the one modeled:


red.  schazam!

It’s a very pinky red.  But I like it.  I’m thinking it will perk up a gray winter day like nobody’s business.  And speaking of red, I can’t forget a certain couple of hanks of Lorna’s Laces red rover.


My Sockapalooza yarn.  I’m very nervous about starting … I’ve never really knit socks before and I want these to be really nice.  My Pal requested Jaywalkers or something similar (with ripples, basically); I’m just hoping it won’t be beyond my limited talents.  Having discovered the magic loop method, though, I am feeling much more confident with the small diameters.  Perhaps I’ll wind the yarn today … a good start.

At least it will distract me from my cold and my academic angst. 



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