just some pictures.

In an attempt to get myself together for moving (ugh), I decided to photograph my books.  A much quicker alternative to creating an actual bibliography, but a handy reference none the less.  This bibliophilia obviously influenced my knitting poses.

An appendage-less Kate in the Mets’ colors.

An unfinished Kate just jumped right up to join my early German mystics and Mr. Garden Gnome.  Quite a feat with no appendages. 



My lonely Dashing wrist warmer decided to relax with some Bourdeiu, Beauvoir, and Bachmann.


Noro Kureyon no. 185

My Lizard Ridge square, always thrifty, chose a backdrop of every grad student’s best friend: Reclam editions.  Small, cheap but hard to lose in an eye-catching yellow.

Only the Clapotis balked at the suggestion of dusty old tomes.


Noro Cashmere Island no. 5

I promise a real post sometime soon.

p.s. I ❤ knitty.