FO: Sockapalooza 4

That’s right.  I finally sent off the very big socks, which after a trip to the laundromat, are decidedly more reasonably sized:


The Malabrigo felted nicely: a tight, dense fabric, but still soft and hopefully durable.   The fabric was a bit flatter, somehow, than I had hoped; perhaps with wear they will soften up and bloom a bit.  Without the mohair content of the Lamb’s Pride (the recommended yarn for Fuzzyfeet) the lovely soft halo is missing, although the kettle dyeing resulted in some subtle striping.  The color grew on me — it’s quite a nice mellow orange-pink-red shot through with some brownish tints.  I really hope my Pal likes them! 

It was quite stressful trying to decide on a yarn and a pattern — earlier posts have been dedicated to my indecision.  I started some Jaywalkers but there was no way they would have been finished anytime approaching … say, before winter.  And I was worried about sizing, having never knit a real sock before.  I didn’t want my Pal to be the guinea pig of my ill-sized and wonkily-knitted first socks.  I hope Fuzzyfeet turn out to be okay.

In a frenzy of finishitis, I also made the mate to my Dashing Malabrigo mitts:


I think they live up to their name; I especially like the way the colors spiral up the body of the gloves.  And thanks to wacky Vermont summer weather, it was even cool enough yesterday evening that I had the chance to try them out.  Very snuggly. 


One thought on “FO: Sockapalooza 4

  1. Liebe Katie!
    Vielen lieben Dank für die tollen Fuzzy-Feets. Sie gefallen mir sehr gut und sind schön warm. Ich trage sie wirklich sehr oft und gerne!
    Entschuldige bitte, daß ich mich jetzt erst melde. Aber durch die Geburt von Leon mußte ich hier erst einmal einen neuen Rhytmus finden.
    Ganz liebe Grüße und noch einmal vielen Dank!

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