a question about etiquette & scintillating yarn portraits

In a surprising move, I was for once slightly ahead of the trend curve and have been on Ravelry for a bit.  Not the first wave by any means, but a while.  And a question has come up for me: what is the etiquette around adding friends?  I read a number of knitting blogs, but I’m an inveterate lurker, usually too shy and tongue-tied to post a comment.  Is it still okay for me add my favorite bloggers to my friends list, even though they have no idea who I am?  I don’t want to presume and freak someone out; on the other had, I do like keeping up with their crafty endeavors. 

Thanks for any input.  One day I’ll get over this social awkwardness.  Or not.

Apropos of what I’m listening to right now, how about Harry Shearer?  Get thee to LeShow.

And apropos of favorite bloggers whose blogs I’m too shy leave comments on, I found Ashley’s discussion of the yarn porn terminology engaging.  I have to admit to my own qualms about using "yarn porn" as a descriptor, but am also stymied as to an alternative.  And I can see using "porn" in good fun, if not exactly as an act of reclamation, but perhaps of redirection. 

So, here are some scintillating yarn portraits:


Dream in Color Classy in Good Luck Jade

This is knitting up into a lovely new Clapotis:


And more Noro! 


color 149

This is my last remaining ball meant for the Lizard Ridge; after this square, only 9 more to go.  Or rather, it would be only 9 more to go, were all of my squares the same size.  I’ll update the Lizard Ridge saga another day.  Let’s just say that size 8 needles do *not* produce the same size square as size 7.  Oh my.


3 thoughts on “a question about etiquette & scintillating yarn portraits

  1. Do not be shy! Seriously. But also, if you add me as a friend on Ravelry you will be seriously disappointed since I am the worst Raveler in the world.

    I squeezed some of that Dream in Color yesterday–it is smooshy and good.

  2. I believe that Ravelry etiquette is that you can friend anybody! I think most people are flattered by it. I haven’t friended anyone yet, because I’m a super lurker too and I’m chicken.

  3. I totally felt the same way, but I don’t use Ravelry particularly for social networking, but more of a resource/tool. I like to check on my friends’ activity and see what people are queuing, or working on, or finishing – some of who don’t have blogs to subscribe to. And if someone adds me out of the blue I take it as a HUGE compliment.

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