Even with the blogging … Apparently my writer’s block has infected the blog posts as well.  Well, that and the moving to Germany.  I’m still quite jet lagged — as is the cat.  We made the trip, though, and Alice is settling in well, even if she does appear a bit puzzled by the lack of furniture.


mmmm … German breakfast on my new camp table

But what about the knitting?  Most of my yarn (and all of my pattern books) are now in storage … which is both rather liberating and scary — much like the move itself.  I’m not tied down by my dreams of projects that will magically improve and prettify my life; on the other hand, what do I do without all of those dreamy projects?   

The answer right now: listen to Eddie Izzard.  And work on my new Clapotis using Dream in Color Classy in Good Luck Jade.  (No photos yet; surprisingly lack of daylight in the middle of the night.)

Of course, I did pick up a bit of yarn.  In fact, the first yarn I’ve bought in Germany:


Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch

The color is just a number (8835), but the yarn is a lovely deep purpley-brown color with bits of other colors plied in.  Even though I don’t have anything definitely in mind for this yarn yet, I have been mulling over the possibilities in the new Knitty: namely, Back to Basics.  A simple pattern would seem the best way to show off the lovely colors.

I would, however, like to try a bit of project monogamy and see if I can finished up the Clapotis v.2 before getting started on something new.  Perhaps that’s a dream akin to "passive research."   Also a goal of this stay in Germany.  Research, that is.