looky …

Nope, no new knitting.  The Clapotis is pretty much where it was last time I took a photo of it.  So nothing to see there.

But look!  New shoes!


eject (last pair in size 38!!)

Sorry for the exclamation points, but I really like these shoes.  They are red and orange and bit too expensive … and I love them.

And a new bag to go with them (without even meaning to):


freitag bonanza

I’ve wanted a freitag bag for years — since the first time I lived in Germany in 2000 — but they’re expensive and really, well, a bit too hipster chic for my geeky ways.  And then my housemate and friend from grad school had a couple and I didn’t want to infringe on her freitag territory (it’s a small department, after all).  This time, however, I decided say: fuck everything, I’m doing five blades and got out the credit card.  Perhaps not the most fiscally responsible move, but I’m really happy with the bag.  Although it does smell kind of funny.

Thanks for the nice comments about my Ravelry awkwardness … I haven’t added any friends yet, but I’m working up to it.


One thought on “looky …

  1. hehe! Congrats to your best buy you’va can done!
    freitag is really hipster – yes – but they are so practical..

    Enjoy your bonanza boy!

    greetings from Switzerland!

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