please don’t tell me it could be worse.

Yes.  I could be blind in both eyes, lame in both legs, and be missing all of my teeth.  I know it could be worse.  It can usually always be worse.  And really, for whom in a position with enough disposable income and leisure time to purchase yarn and then knit lovely fripperies can things not become just an eensy bit worse? 

So.  Long story short.  I deleted my yahoo account.  Then I deleted my cookies.  Can anyone see where this is leading?  Yep.  I can’t access my flickr account.  This is obviously not an event of any importance on a global scale.  Not even on a top five worst things that have happened to me in my life kind of scale.  Maybe on the worse things that have happened today (and today was a pretty good day) scale.  But really.  I’m living in an empty apartment in a foreign country with a cat, no boyfriend, two air mattresses, and a camp table and sometimes I feel just a bit close to the edge. 

End. Of. Rant.  I promise.

But isn’t it pretty here?


Rhine River and Lake Constance
blurry because … typepad declares it shall be so