why I love Woolworth

There are still Woolworth stores in Germany.  Maybe other places in Europe too.  Go figure.  And they have *amazing* sale bins.  Really, really great, cheap stuff in big ol’ bins right by the doors.  Since I’m putatively on a budget, I do a lot of shopping in these bins.  Like yesterday.  Look what I found, just lingering in a wooly-ish heap in the 3,33 Euro bin:


Mmmm … cheap yarn.

Huge amounts of yarn for very, very cheap.  Each ball is 200g/280m, 20% wool, 80% acrylic.  Okay, not a great blend, but it’s soft and smooshy and not at all slick and slimy like acrylic yarn tends to be.  And did I mention: cheap! 

I got enough for a sweater.

I’ve been contemplating replacing my favorite cardigan — a cheap-o Old Navy find (it might even have been on sale) of many years ago.  It has been mended numerous times but is beginning to show its age.  This wool (sic) seemed perfect for the job, the cardigan itself being a beguiling mostly-acrylic wool blend.  There were some contenders in the pattern sweepstakes — most notably Sesame (and check out Lolly’s rockin’ version); however, none were quite right. 

What I really wanted was to copy my favorite sweater.  So after some extensive measuring and math, I starting the interminable project of a wide collar in K2, P2 ribbing.  It is, though, my first foray into knitting without a pattern — it’s just a basic top-down raglan, so "designing" seems a bit of an overstatement — and knock-on-wood, cross-your-fingers nothing has gone wrong yet.  Granted, I’m only 6 inches and two button holes in, but it still feels like the tiniest of victories that I’ve only had to frog once.   

Pictures when things are a bit more advanced.


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