Instant organization, thanks to Ikea.  (And the very brawny men who carried said Ikea up four flights of stairs.)

yarn storage before:


yarn storage after:


Much nicer, eh?  And all the woolly goodness is so nice to look at.  The only question remaining for me — aside from: Why does Typepad insist on blurring my photos and what can I do about it? — is: How did I end up with so much yarn?  I really *did* try to keep the stash petite.  And it’s not huge by any means, but still.  Even though "Knit from Your Stash 2007" is over, I’m going to keep the dream alive.  Because not only am I on a budget, I’m also supposed to be, you know, developing and writing a dissertation.  Not knitting.  Tragic.

And speaking of things tragic, my copycat cardigan is a bit of disaster.  As in a 52-inch-bust disaster.  Had I a 52" bust, things would be fine.  Unfortunately, my measurements are more in the 36" department.  Hence the tragic.


the hugeness might not be apparent, but trust me

Anyway, time to regroup.  I don’t know if I’m just going to frog and start over or if I’ll rip back to a more reasonable stitch count and keep going.  Just glad I did a bit of math before knitting much more.  I was struck down by a positive fit of startitis yesterday, which led to all of the math in the first place, as I tried — and failed — to match gauges with the cheap-o Woolworth yarn and various appealing patterns.  I’ve decided to go ahead with the ubiquitous (another kind of copycat) Drops 103-1, making the small size in the finer gauge (17 sts x 22 r); hopefully, with the Schnellstrickgarn (14 sts x 22 r on #10.5 needles) I can get something that will fit. 

Unfortunately, the startitis didn’t actually lead me to start anything, so for now, it’s all daydreaming.  I’ve got a couple of baby things (e.g., this, this, these, and these <ravelry links>) I’d like to make for various babies of my acquaintance.  As well as some Christmas gifts that need to get started.  Including my yearly bout with the wrap sweater with eyelets and ggh soft kid.  <shudder>

On a happier note: some Socktoberfest progress.


almost ready to turn the heel


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  1. wow, that is a gorgeous yarn for your socks!
    and yea for new yarn storage! I need to widdle my stash down to a size that fits in to nice little shelves like this…

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