on the bandwagon.

After a few days of a cold and an obscene amount of CSI, here’s my progress on the Drops 103-1:


Almost there.  And I’ve got lots of CSI to keep me going … not to mention classes starting next week and dissertation reading and writing and … all that.  The weather is getting chilly and I’m anxious to get this finished up.  Those of you with eagle eyes will notice that the left front has slightly fewer rows of the double moss stitch pattern.  Oops.  Pesky counting.  I decided not to worry about it and just kept going instead of frogging. 

I’m kind of amazed — I don’t know why I should be, but there you are — about how much I still have to learn about knitting.  Attempting the copycat cardigan demonstrated all the details I don’t think about while knitting: shaping, size, etc.  The Drops jacket is the first knit I’ve done with actual shaping and it’s good experience, just having to think about direction of decreases, stitch counts, matching sides and backs and arms — stuff which is probably totally obvious to more experienced sweater knitters. 

One thing that I *did* do this time, after the trouble of matching up, picking up, and seaming my mom’s cardigan, was to keep notes.

so organized.

This small step has been a big improvement on my former method of attempting to correctly count the stitches in finished pieces, which always and inevitably led to confusion and slightly wonky cardigan(s).

Now I think it’s time for a little CSI.  (Why is it that crappy television is always so much more appealing in foreign countries?)