another day older. you know the rest.

Well, my slight cold turned into a bacteria fiesta.  After two weeks of off-and-on misery, I decided to brave the uncertainties — and vocabulary-related trials — of going to a German doctor.  Surprisingly painless — and cheap! — I managed to anticipate a lot of communication problems, but, of course, forgot the most basic of things: converting my height and weight into metric measurements.  Oh well.  With a course of antibiotics now in my medicine cabinet, I hope to be well on my way to renewed health. 

Which is a good thing because the semester started on Monday.  So strange after a rather long academic hiatus to again have classes and meetings and that kind of thing.  I am still searching for some kind of schedule that both reduces anxiety and produces work.  A surprisingly difficult combination.  Especially when I am continually questioning my own commitment to academe and the pursuit of the PhD.  It’s a chicken-and-egg kind of problem: which came first, my dissatisfaction with academia or my seeming inability to be truly productive? 

Until I have an answer, I knit.


Drops 103-1 collar

I’ve made it to the collar!  As has happened before, the number of stitches I picked up bore no relation to the number suggested.  It seems that while I went for a 1:1 approach, the pattern required something more like a 2:3 ratio (of picked-up stitches to neckline stitches).  Oh well.  I just left out the first set of increases and figured all will work out.  I’d like to get the collar finished and the pieces seamed up today; a reasonable goal on a gray day when one has a cold.  I’m not convinced about how the cheap-o yarn will wear, but hopefully the generous amount of acrylic will make it somewhat durable. 

And look what I found at the department store (yes, the department store!):


Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn

I might have a problem, but I don’t want to talk about it.  So stripy!

I also received my Rowan free gift:


all seasons cotton (framboise)

At first, I was disappointed with the color — a little too pinkter sphincter for my taste.  But it’s been growing on me, especially after I saw a woman on the bus to the University with a scarf in a similar color, which she managed to make look not like an impending trip to the dentist because of tooth rot, but a reasonable garment worn by a woman in full control of her faculties.   So we’ll see.  I really like the yarn itself and am contemplating making another of the free project shawls in a lilac color for my mom (she-who-cannot-tolerate-wool). 

Yarn aside, though, I have been disappointed with the Rowan international subscription/sign-up thing.  I did it last year and only ever received one magazine (instead of the two paid for) and $55 is a bit steep for some kidsilk haze and one magazine.   I tried again this year, hoping that the service in Europe might be a bit more reliable.  Has anyone else had problems with this?   


One thought on “another day older. you know the rest.

  1. I received Issue #41 no problem, as well as my free gift…however, my post office had the nerve to deliver the empty plastic sleeve for Issue #42, which I then went and purchased at my local yarn store.
    Annoyed to say the least, but maybe the magazines are being taken by a dishonest post office employee who knits?
    Maybe you can find an online store who will sell it and ship it in a plain brown wrapper

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