FO parade

I finished the Drops 103-1 last night.  This is only my third sweater and I am quite pleased with the results.


Drops jacket (103-1) from Drops Garnstudio
yarn: Belday Home Schnellstrickgarn mit Schurwolle (20% wool, 80% acrylic), 3 skeins with a bit of a fourth for seaming (approx. 840 m)
needles: KnitPicks Options #10.5
buttons: Union Knopf, brown leather (or faux)
total cost: Euro 9,99 (yarn) + Euro 6,00 (buttons) = Euro 15,99!

The pattern was easy to follow (after I got the hang of what the finished piece would look like) and overall, it was a pretty quick knit.  The first sleeve caused a number of problems: first, a length miscalculation that required an almost total frogging, then various problems with my ability to count and/or keep stitches on the needles that necessitated two more rip backs.  And even after all of this, there was still a dropped edge stitch when I was seaming.  My seaming is a bit messy — especially at the shoulders and the underarms — but not too bad.  I decided it was neat enough that I could live with it and sturdy enough that I could actually wear the sweater, so no do-overs. 

Here’s a close up:


I really love the double moss stitch — it creates such a great texture and is visually interesting with the sections of pointed purl stitches.  A perfect fall sweater, which will be debuted today with a trip to the pet store.

Although I have some Christmas gifts to knit and a few baby things in the queue, I’m hearing the siren song of the tree jacket.  I’m pretty sure I have enough cheap-o yarn.  If not, I know where to find Woolworth.


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