Just some photos today.  Time I was off being productive.


so warm!

EZ mitered mittens from Knitter’s Almanac
Lana Grossa Mega Stoppino (217), three-quarters of a skein for each mitten (approx. 38g each)
KnitPicks Options #8 US, magic loop

I altered the thumb placement using EZ’s "thumb trick" method, as I wasn’t quite brave enough to snip a stitch.  Instead of snipping and picking up stitches at the back, which seemed like it could result in a strange-fitting mitten (cf. Fig and Plum and Blue Garter), I centered my "thumb trick" around an increase seam — no gusset.  This resulted in a larger thumb (19 stitches as opposed to the directed 15-stitch thumb); I threw in two decrease rounds before finishing off.

Although I purposely made the mittens too large (my hands have many issues, one of which is exacerbated by too-close contact with wool), they kept my fingers toasty on a cool evening trip to the grocery store.  Yay!

Next up: the bane of my existence.  This time with 100% more correctness!


#36 wrap sweater with eyelets from Rebecca no. 29 in ggh soft kid (lilac)

I have started and frogged and cast on and despaired with this sweater so many times, I don’t even know why I continue to try.  Except that I will not be defeated by yarn and eyelets.   This time, armed with the knowledge of how to correctly make yarn-overs and an intimate familiarity with the pattern, I am smugly proclaiming victory after only one pattern repeat.  Hasty, perhaps; foolhardy, unquestionably.  I am simply over the moon that the pattern is working, that correctly knitting yarn-overs results in a correct stitch-count, that soft kid no longer has the power to vanquish me.  I am also willing to admit that perhaps this wasn’t the smartest of projects for a novice knitter to cast on as her third-ever project.  That would be December of, yes, 2005 2006.  My sister is very patient.

And then the doorbell rang, bringing with it more yarn!  For a pair of EZ very warm hats.


yummy malabrigo!

From left to right: frost gray (606), black (195), pearl (36), dark earth (140) from J├╝rgen Weidner

The very warm hat pattern is found in both Knitting Workshop and The Opinionated Knitter, both of which I already own but which find themselves in a storage locker in New Jersey.  They are a bit too expensive to justify purchasing again (as I did with Knitter’s Almanac), so I hope my memory will serve me well.  As these are intended for gifts, I’ll say no more.

And finally, a little cat blogging to end this wordy post.


my sweet Alice

Everyone loves hand-knits. 

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  1. Your mittens look great! And it’s a pleasure just to look at that pile of scrumptious Malabrigo – those will be mighty fine hats. Send me an email if you need a reminder on the V. Warm Hats – I’ve got both books at hand.

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