the 39 steps

(Just another Hitchcock movie I haven’t watched, but it fits so well.)

Never have 39 rows of knitting made me so happy.


no longer the hairy scourge of my stash

Two pattern repeats, three increase rows, no disasters.  I am beginning to believe that this might actually turn into a sweater.  Natch, a wrap sweater with eyelets.  Ravelry was really what brought me around to the idea that this pattern might not actually be cursed: just look at the evidence.  Many people have made a wearable and attractive garment using this pattern, even this yarn.  Anna’s version got me thinking that I would make another attempt (the fourth, perhaps? — way back in May), ravelry pushed me over the edge.

In not-so-great news, I frogged another heel.  This time, I managed to lose a stitch somehow, somewhere in the picking-up process.

why is this so difficult?

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with this proto-sock.  Maybe the third time really is the charm. 

Alice didn’t have any trouble deciding: